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Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #2 finished! written by cYmoZz, 2009-02-23 20:20 CET (14 comments)

After great games moonsh1ne wins the second Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup vs vkl. After the final, noctis (who couldnt participate in the regular cup) played a nice show match vs. the moonsh1ne.

Final Standings:

1. place: moonsh1ne
2. place: vkl
3./4. place: Pipboy, Mato

Showmatch [esreality.com]
Final [esreality.com]
Semi Final 1 [esreality.com]
Semi Final 2 [esreality.com]

I want to thank all participants and especially the people who helped me out with servers and various other things.

Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #2 (Duel vq3) written by cYmoZz, 2009-02-16 14:09 CET (21 comments)

Welcome to the second Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup! :)

The goal of this cup is to make more players familiar with maps that aren't played in usual tournaments and to test their usability for bigger competitions.
If you sign up, don't forget to check in shortly before the tournament starts.

Tournament system (single/double elimnation / group phase) will be determined according to the number of partipants.

For each round until the semi finals, maps are forced, which means, players can not choose maps themselves, but have to play the maps that are given for the specific round.

Every player has to record demos of his matches and send them to the admins if requested.

Every player has to idle in the irc channel: #q3revoluzzers

This cup is mostly for the European community, players outside of Europe can participate if they are willing to play on European servers.

GTV: games1.olympus.ru:27970 (for semifinals and finals)

megadm4-09 [haukerehfeld.de] screen [img89.imageshack.us]
phantq3dm1 [phantazm11.com] screen [phantazm11.com]
pukka3dm1 [lvlworld.com] screen [img291.imageshack.us]
rota3dm1 [lvlworld.com] screen [img210.imageshack.us]
q3nem06_v2 [files.filefront.com] screen [img291.imageshack.us]

14:45 - 15:00: CHECKIN
15:00 Groupstage Round 1: pukka3dm1, phantq3dm1 decider: megadm4-09
16:00 Groupstage Round 2: rota3dm1, q3nem06_v2 decider: phantq3dm1
17:00 Groupstage Round 3: megadm4-09, pukka3dm1 decider: rota3dm1
18:00 SemiFinals: maps are chosen by elimination (ESWC style)
19:30 Final: maps are chosen by elimination (ESWC style)

Germany: pw: q3cup pw: senpai pw: derquaker pw: derquaker pw: yeah pw: yeah



Gameplay: VQ3
Mode: VQ3DM
Time limit: 15 minutes
Frag limit: none
Forced re-spawn: 5 seconds
Overtime: 2 minutes

It is not allowed to hide in places, which the map author did not intend to be accessible.

ESWC style map elimination:
- The player A and player B are determined by a coin toss.
- Player A removes one of the 5 maps.
- Player B removes one of the 4 remaining maps.
- Player B chooses one of the 3 remaining maps.
- Player A chooses one of the 2 remaining maps.
- The match is played on the two maps chosen by the players and starts on the player B choice.
- The last map will be used as third map.

Site was moved / URL has changed written by cYmoZz, 2009-02-16 14:08 CET (13 comments)

I had to move the site from q3revoluzzer.tourney.cc to q3revoluzzers.tourney.cc.
I tried to take Cup #1 with me - the exact scores were lost and results might not be 100% accurate, but brackets should be ok.
News comments have been lost, too.
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