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Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup #2 finished! written by cYmoZz, 2009-02-23 20:20 CET (14 comments)

After great games moonsh1ne wins the second Quake 3 Revoluzzers Cup vs vkl. After the final, noctis (who couldnt participate in the regular cup) played a nice show match vs. the moonsh1ne.

Final Standings:

1. place: moonsh1ne
2. place: vkl
3./4. place: Pipboy, Mato

Showmatch [esreality.com]
Final [esreality.com]
Semi Final 1 [esreality.com]
Semi Final 2 [esreality.com]

I want to thank all participants and especially the people who helped me out with servers and various other things.
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